Come join us under a starry sky

Skygazing Camps

We organise skygazing camps for tourists as well as locals. Experiencce the darkest night sky in India and understand the basics of astronomy from our trained staff.


In the lap of Himalayan ranges, Ladakh is one of the best regions for astrophotography. Contact us for help with basics of astrophotography and advice on locations for shooting.

Science Workshops

We also organise science workshops with focus on astronomy at our Science Park near Shey. Details will be updated soon.


Who We Are

We are a group of Ladakhi youth who are fascinated by astronomy and we wish to share our joy with visiting tourists. Every year thousands of tourists, domestic and foreign, visit Ladakh; we offer them a piece of our heaven blended with the fun of astronomy, photography, and camping.

With the help of Aseem Foundation, we have started weekend sessions of skygazing for tourists and sky enthusiasts. We also contribute to the administrative activities of Science Park run by Aseem. 

With all our offerings, we want to give a new dimension to your Ladakh visit by adding some heavenly mixture of stars and galaxies to your memories!

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We organized a display of Total Solar Eclipse few months back, and I enjoyed quite a lot explaining the scientific principle of the eclipse to all viewers. I am enjoying my role as a volunteer here!




We are welcoming our first visitors in October!! We are excited to welcome them.